No idea how to code

So I'm afraid I currently have no idea how to code and am simply learning as I go along. I am trying to arrange my items alphabetically and found this tutorial but I have no idea where to actually put the code.
Can anyone give me a quick lesson?

Much of the confusion is probably because that recipe was written for Omeka 1.5, and the current version, 2.1.4, works very differently

Assuming you are in Omeka version 2.0 of above, you can got to Appearance->Navigation on the admin side and add a new link. It will look similar to the existing Items Browse link, but add this to the end of it:


That should do the trick, no coding involved!

Thank you, patrickmj!
However, I'm doing something wrong as nothing has happened to the order of my items. I am using the free membership along with the Berlin theme, just fyi, and have gone into the configure settings and have add this to the "custom header navigation":
Browse Items |?sort_field=Dublin+Core,Title

Ah, sorry. My response matter for the downloadable Omeka, not

But, the first part of the recipe should work for

Browse Items | items?sort_field=Dublin Core,Title

with the items part included. If that doesn't work, try it also with the + sign between Dublin and Core

Alas, no luck.
Thanks anway