No HTML formatting in "Homepage Text" (v2.0)


I can't apply HTML formatting to my "Homepage Text", within Theme configuration page. Formatting appears ok in the preview/editing box but it disappears in the browser. It happens in both bundled themes, "Thanks Roy" and "Seasons".

I've had no problems in previous version (1.5.2.). What am I missing?


My first guess is that you might be adding some HTML that is not allowed in the security settings. Check under settings/security to see if any of the HTML you are entering is in the forbidden list.

Just basic formatting, Patrick. I'm actually using the built-in controls of the box (bold, underline, color, etc)... I'm not adding code manually.

I think this is a case where the HTML is actually working properly, but the themes don't seem to apply the styles you're expecting (i.e., that <b> makes things bold).

We're looking into it, but it will probably just require a minor update to the themes' CSS.

I see you fixed this in 2.0.1. Thanks!

Yes, this didn't get a specific mention for 2.0.1, but one of the updates to the themes restored the default styling for many HTML elements.