Newbie Not a Server Admin

Greetings one and all in the forums. I hope this finds everyone doing great. I am VERY new to Omeka and am participating in a web project that is considering using the product as our archival backend. At the same time, we are deciding between hosting and managed service vendors for the backend, web files, and content. We are struggling in determining which vendor is the best fit for Omeka to run on and was looking for some server admins' expertise. Like, is there a processor, memory, disk config that the product excels on. We don't want to initially purchase the farm if not needed, as funds are tight right now, but want the end user experience to be acceptable and fun. We conversed with Rackspace earlier and they are in need of our server requirements but we are unsure of what server config best fits Omeka. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and please have a nice day! =D

How tight is your financial situation?

Reclaim Hosting offer very low cost hosting for educational projects and they have a broad definition of what that covers. They can set you up with a hosting package that includes a 'click to install' full version of Omeka. However they do offer a fairly limited amount of space.

There is a list of other places offering omeka installs here:

Reclaim Hosting is becoming more and more popular with our users. The design and intent of Omeka is definitely to make hosting options as simple and cheap as possible, so basic LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) commodity hosting will work. A basic comparison is that if a hosting company can let you run WordPress, you'll be able to run Omeka.