Newbie needs advice about Omeka v. Neatline

I've only ever used, but my colleague would like our students to use the full Omeka CMS, which he downloaded on his server via Neatline. Based on what I see this is not the full Omeka suite, but he says it must be. How to we create separate subdomains and access the full suite of plug ins, etc.?

Thanks for your helping this ignorant academic!

I'm not quite sure what is happening, so let me describe some of the pieces you discussed in your post.

Omeka is the core content management system that can be extended with plugins. When you run it on your own server, you get 3 plugins bundled, exhibit builder, simple pages, and Coins. Any other plugins you may want, must be uploaded to your Omeka /plugins directly individually. Those plugins are available here:

Neatline is a suite of 5 different plugins that runs on Omeka. You run Neatline through Omeka.

In its current version, installing Omeka creates 1 website. It is possible that the Omeka + Neatline website you're working on doesn't include any other plugins.

Hope that helps.

Yes, very much. Thank you!