New Virtual Museum needs Omeka Guru

The History of Computing in Learning and Education Virtual Museum is coming together. It's heart is a collection of images, documents, software and a few physical artifacts spanning the time that computing became vital to learning - 1960 through 1990. Is Omeka the right tool to manage this collection and make it available, online, to the public? Can Omeka be made to talk to CiviCRM so that all our constituents can be managed in that dbms? Are you the person to help me put this together?

Please email Liza at hcle dot org so we can begin a conversation. I'm physically in Northern California but a strong online communicator can do this job remotely.

We have friends and family seed money for this project but not enough to implement my grand vision. The immediate target is a proof of concept site that will impress prospective funders.

Check out our wiki at hcle dot org to get an idea of where we are going.


Liza Loop, Vision Keeper