New to Omeka


I'm new to Omeka, and was wondering if anyone could help me out with something I've been unable to find within the settings.

We're in the process of establishing how our archive will make use of the various Dublin Core fields in the Item view. We may not need all of them.

Is there any way to hide any fields that aren't considered mandatory, so the end user won't see the category with 'no text' next to it?

Also, when uploading a file/image as part of an item, the image seems to have its own set of Dublin Core fields which all say 'no text'

Should these inherit the same fields as the main item screen, or will we have to re-enter the fields here too?

Thanks for your help in advance


Under the Appearance tab, there's a Settings tab: in Display Settings there's a checkbox for "show empty elements". If unchecked, none of those "no text" fields will display.