New to Omeka - need suggestions!

Hey Omeka people,

I'm totally new here and am asking for a little help. I'm the student webmaster at the Oberlin College Archives and i've recently been tasked with converting our "Illustrated Building Guide" from its ancient form into something new and good-looking in Omeka. Check out the old one here:

(the meat of it is under 'Contents' - the Alphabetical and Chronological Indexes, along with the Campus Maps)

There's 110 buildings in the guide, and I basically need each building entry (which I guess will become "items"?) to have a photo up top, some information on dates, and a descriptive section, more or less how it is now. Key to the guide is perserving the chronological and alphabetical navigation of buildings. How should I go about doing this?

For the maps, I was thinking about using the Neatline plugin, but that will probably come a bit later.

Thanks for your time and help,

Sounds like that would just involve rebuilding some of the navigation links. The guidance here about changing sort order on the Geolocation map applies to items in general. You can add new navigation links for browsing alphabetically or chronologically by adding ?sort_field=Dublin Core,Title or ?sort_field=Dublin Core,Date

That assumes that you store the date the building was built in the Date field. From what I see on the existing site, you'd also want a different field to store the date range of use, probably Coverage.

Thanks Patrick. What about getting a photo (as an attached file) to display at the top of the page and at full size? I feel like this probably pretty basic, but I think i'm missing something.

That would involve just some theme customization. Attach images will always be displayed, so you might just need to move around where that happens to your taste, and choose the derivative image with options passed to the function that displays the image