New to Omeka, exhibit themes


I am new to Omeka and am having difficulty in adding exhibit themes. I am set-up as a contributor, not an admin, and cannot follow any of the suggested methods. Do I have to be an admin? Can someone please explain how I can add new exhibit themes? To be specific I want to use the exhibit theme Rhythm but I don't know how to add it so when I add an exhibit it is included in the drop-down. Any suggestions?


Unfortunately, there are a couple of things going on here that is not making that possible.

1. There isn't a separate Rhythm exhibit theme for the most current versions of Omeka. If, however, the main site is already using Rhythm, you can keep that as the current theme for an exhibit.
2. Only admin and super users can install themes.
3. In version 1.3, due out near the end of this year, you would be able to choose Rhythm as an exhibit theme if the theme is installed in your Omeka site.

Hi again,
I have been changed to a super and see how I can change the current public theme to the one I want but I have concerns. If I change the current public theme will the exhibits already created using "current public theme" be affected?

Yes, the theme/design will change for those
exhibits, but the content will not.

You can change the theme for that exhibit if you would like it to look more like the original site theme.

Feel free to play around with theme switching. You will not lose your content and you can see the changes for yourself as you are switching.