New to Neatline!

Hi All,

Just finished up getting Omeka 2.0.3 installed for my site. Was looking forward to using Neatline2.0 and have installed the latest alpha versions. However, I feel quite limited in what I can accomplish - I'm not fluent in web development, programming, etc.

When the stable version of neatline2.0 comes out, will it have more intuitive editing capabilities?

I am looking to keep it simple, and think Neatline Features is ideal. But, I've already got Omeka 2.0 and don't want to re-install.

Recommendations and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

DePaul University (Geography Department)

Hi Nicholas,

We're working on the documentation for the Neatline plugin, which will hopefully cover any gray areas you may be encountering. Is there anything specific you've run in to?

If you're interested, the NeatlineFeatures plugin is ready to go for Omeka 2.0, but we've not pushed a version out yet, but you can download a zip from You'll need to rename the directory to NeatlineFeatures (e.g. on the server with: mv NeatlineFeatures-develop NeatlineFeatures).


Thanks Wayne,

The most specific issue I've run into is being able to utilize neatline to make simple map compositions and interfaces that can be easily linked to my site.

If you have any advice on 'getting started' with neatline it would be great. I suppose that once I get neatline-features, the guide provided on should suffice.

I will let you know how I find using NeatlineFeatures. And, looking forward to the full release!