New themes not working

We recently got new themes added to our omeka site and I have tried to change my exhibit theme to a new one "winter" but when I go to preview the exhibit it says "Oops! Sorry, this page doesn't exist." I tried to create a new exhibit and I still got the same error. How can I use this new theme?

Does your exhibit contain any content (section, with a page that has at least one item)? If you do not have anything in the exhibit, you will get a page error since there isn't anything to view.

I tried it on an exhibit I already created and it didn't work and then tried to create a new exhibit and added content and its not working.

What version of Omeka are you running and what
version of the theme? Can you send me a link to your site and the exhibit (or email it to us, outreach at omeka dot org)?

We may also need to clarify our terms. There is not an exhibit theme named "Winter" but there is a site theme available in earlier versions of Omeka called Winter (now it is known as Seasons, and you choose the "winter" style sheet in the configuration).

I just tested changing my Omeka 1.2.1 site theme to Winter and then changed an existing exhibit theme to "Current Public Theme" which would also be Winter, and there are no errors.

It's possible that there are conflicts on the server with versions of theme not matching up with the version of Omeka. Please check the themes to be sure your versions match up:

You can find the theme version on the server in the theme.ini file found in the /nameofyouromekasite/themes/seasons (or themes/winter) directory.