New Project: Archiving a Dance Company Residency

I have just begun to use Omeka as a final project for a graduate-level course in digital humanities. I thought I would post a brief introduction here as a use case. I am a relatively non-technical user, so I am sure I will have many questions forthcoming.

I am archiving materials from a two-week dance company residency at my university and exploring how to use tags and other metadata to relate these materials in a virtual exhibit. I am primarily archiving events (workshops, lectures, rehearsals and performances) with related photos, transcriptions of sound files and handwritten documents, and (possibly) sound and video files forthcoming. I would also like to explore some plug-ins for interactivity, including the contribution plug-in for public use.

I have read other threads inquiring about importing batch metadata and heard mention of a CSV translator in development. I too would ideally like to import metadata from Excel files. For now, I am manually entering data for each item. I will likely continue working on this project beyond the course requirements and upcoming semester deadline. I look forward to new developments...

Thanks for sharing your project plans. Omeka sounds like a good platform for sharing your research.

We will post to the blog once we have the CSV import/export plugin available. We know that many people want an easy way to migrate their data, so we are working on it.