New Leaflet Plugin

Hi -

We have developed a free Leaflet plugin for Omeka and would appreciate any and all feedback on issues, theme or plugin conflicts before submitting to Omeka Plugin directory under GPL.

The current title of the plugin is AcuGIS, but this will be changed prior to submitting the plugin.

The plugin can be downloaded at

Documentation can be found at

Please feel free to contact me directly at david (at) acugis (dot) com

Our Leaflet plugin, "MapFig", is now available under GPLv3.

It can be downloaded via links above as well as from GitHub (

We have released version 2.01. It contains security enhancements and a number of changes:

Hello, AcuGIS

great news! I'll download and try this plugin. one question:

is possible to make maps with "clustered" points? to show bigger circles with a number, for items wich are very close, instead of many circles almost one on top of each oter?

similar to this:

thank you!


Clustering is currently only available via our public cloud (

It's free and there is an Omeka Studio Plugin you can use to import maps you create into Omeka.

We will try to get Clustering option added to next release.

Thank you for the quick answer!,

I'll give it a try. So can I create a map with clustered points there and import or insert it in Omeka?

Yes, that's correct. Just create your map and then install the Studio Plugin.