New item type of "article" - advice wanted!

Hi folks,

We've installed Omeka to see if it will meet the needs of our local history project. So far it's more than satisfactory!

In addition to the customary images, documents, interviews etc. We have a number of entries that we would like to include on Omeka that don't neatly fit into the item type categories that come "out of the box" with Omeka. These entries are more like wiki articles with topics like:
- the indigenous history of Wyndham
- the south-based stone
These articles include text, images and links but we would like them to be searchable and "interfiled" with our more orthodox historical records.

The obvious thing to do is create a new item type called "article" and assign some metadata then create these entries within it but I'm wondering whether this is the best way to go about it? Any suggestions or advice would be very welcome!



The advantage with creating a new item type is that it will make it easier for you to highlight those in a secondary nav of the items, so on your items/browse page visitors could see Images | Documents | Interviews | Articles (or whatever you are using for types), like we did in the Occupy Archive:

Thanks Sheila, seems like the way to go.
I like the occupy archive by the way!

Thanks, glad you like the Occupy Archive!