New Installation: 404 errors on links

This is the first time installing Omeka on Hetzner, have done so successfully on other servers.

Installation was fine but now all links provide a 404 error. URL

However, if I force the extension index.php, i.e. then all links work?

Could it be something to do with paths.php? Or 'open_basedir' restriction?

This problem is almost always caused by a missing .htaccess file or a RewriteBase problem.

Make sure you have the .htaccess file that should be in Omeka's top-level directory, and if it's not there, re-upload it from the ZIP of Omeka.

If you do have that file there, then you probably need to set a RewriteBase:

RewriteBase /qwasha/

thanks, this was the problem. copied .htaccess file up and now working.

thanks for the response John.