New Install - Need some help customizing.

I have a new install of omeka that will be used for archiving historical/genealogy information. some of these are around 60-70 page pdf documents (with OCR) and are around 50-60Mb files. They would like to have low res files around 15MB also uploaded. Is there a way to make omeka (2.0) just show the thumbnail for one of these files and not both. but rather display a files list?

Also I installed Scripto, and it works great is there a way to limit it to only one file per item or either have all files in the item linked to display the same information?

Google Docs Viewer? is there a way to replace this with something or our own site or just have the in browser pdf viewer open instead (for transcribe pages?) if I set it to defualt it just displays the first page of the pdf, I would like it to embed either the adobe reader viewer or chrome pdf viewer etc.

on the show page is it possible to re-order items. For example I would like the Transcribe section and the document viewer section (if we decided to keep the document viewer) above the dublin core information. and when the transcribes are finished I would like the scripto text section at the very bottom of every page. Is this possible?

Here is an example of what I'm working with.

Forgive me for all the issues currently and the design issues (especially the logo) currently I've just thrown it up really quick today and haven't worked on it much. But if I can get these changes made it looks like it will work out well.

For changing which files are displayed and how, and for reordering the content on the page, that would call for customizing the theme using some of the more specific functions for displaying files. You could also move the hook the Scripto uses to add to the page.

Not sure about some of the Scripto and docs viewer questions yet, but will look into it.

Thanks for your reply. I got the sections re-aranged in the them. Now I need to figiure out how to filter the array that scripto uses to only show the first item It's using [code] <?php fire_plugin_hook('public_items_show', array('view' => $this, 'item' => $item)); ?> [/code]

it would be great if the PDF.js viewer was a plugin but I don't even no where to begin with doing something like that.

I used this and was able to get pdf.js setup. Now I just need to figure out how to get it in scriptos page, which I haven't even found the files for yet. Also need to get the pdf viewer to only show the first file for a item, as well as scripto only have the first file for an item as well.

I got the PDFJS working on the scripto transcribe pages by using

<?php echo'<iframe width=100% height=800 frameBorder="0" frame="none"'; ?>
<?php echo ' src="', metadata($file,'filename'); ?>
<?php echo'"></iframe>'; ?>

Now I only need a way to filter the array for the scripto transcribe list on the item view to only list the first file for the item. I also need a way to modify the code for the pdfjs viewer on the items page to only show the correct file. as currently the metadata($file,'filename') puts the file name for all files for the item.

This is the code for the PDFJS viewer on the items page

?php echo'<iframe width=100% height=800 frameBorder="0" frame="none"'; ?>
<?php if (!$item) {$item = get_current_record('item');} $files = $item->Files; foreach($files as $file) {echo ' src="', metadata($file,'filename');} ?>
<?php echo'"></iframe>'; ?>