New install Bluehost

I started off thinking that an install to my current host Zyon would be ok. After messing about for almost a day I found out that the most crucial part of the database, the CSV import plug in, would not work in Zyon as the poorly documented issue with access to a PHP function is regarded as a security risk by the host. So, I moved on to another host, Bluehost, where I see more problems. Bluehost has no real issues with the PHP problem on the CSV pluton and I am happy to say that I actually have it working! However, Bluehost installs Omeka through Simplescripts. The install files are old and need updating. Also I found that some of the permissions need to be adjusted manually afterwards. But the biggestbproblem seems to come from changing a theme. That just simply breaks Omeka. Does anybody know how to deal with this?

I am quite disappointed that the CSV function will not work in Omeka's hosted solution until the summer 2011 at earliest. As I see it, this is probably the most crucial part of the database. I would imagine that most people would be working from already collected data rather than inputting fields one by one. Omega seems to solve a lot of databasing issues, but at what time cost?

I moved to Dreamhost ... an altogether better solution.

I'm glad to hear that moving to Dreamhost helped your issues.

As for CSV Import on Bulk import of items is easily our most requested feature, and work on CSV Import for is in progress.