new install admin login not working

Just installed Omeka, set up the basic info in the install page, but admin page isn't working with user / password that we created. Also, the 'lost your password' link is not working properly with the user email address we set up.

So, have you ever been able to log in to your site, or are you saying that you can't log in with the "superuser" credentials you created in the Omeka installer?

As for the "forgot your password" email, Omeka is dependent on your underlying server setup to send mail. If your server isn't set up to correctly send outgoing mail, Omeka's messages won't arrive.

If you have an administrator you can contact, you can find out if the server is configured to send mail, or if the messages are being dumped somewhere (many Linux systems which aren't correctly configured to send mail will save messages in a dead.letter file).