New Exhibit builder & delete page


I have installed the new Exhibit builder and I notice an error message when I try to delete page from a section.
Create a section then create a page.
when I try to delete a page, it give me the
first verification message "Are you sure you want to delete this page" then after I click on ok it gave me another message "error checkbox prevent this page from creating additional dialogs"

I did not face the same behavior with the previous version of exhibit builder.

Any help is appreciated.

One more thing, I meant to say Exhibit builder that is part of new Omeka release.

I'm not immediately able to reproduce this problem (using Chrome).

A few things that would help:

  • What browser are you using, and does using a different browser make a difference?
  • What page are you seeing this on? There are a few places you can delete a page from (the Exhibit-level edit screen, the Section-level edit screen)
  • Does this happen with any Exhibit/section/page, or just a newly-created one?

Hi John,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but I will need to reinstall Exhibit Builder and see if that error will go a way.

Another question though, is there a way I can theme the admin pages in Exhibit builder to add more field If I need to do so? Without add any codes to Exhibit builder plugin to allow easier upgrading in the future.



I am confirm the error.
test on firefox and safari. we had new installation for 1.5 omeka ans newer exhibitbuilder that comes with it and get the error.
the problem is i do not see anthing in the log file.

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