New Dreamhost 1.5.3 Install & Want to Upgrade to 2.1.1

Newbie here. Just did the one click install for dreamhost's Omeka 1.5.3 and I got the error message:

"fileinfo" module not loaded
Without the fileinfo module loaded into PHP, the content type and encoding of uploaded files about cannot be read. The installer will disable file upload validation.

Fine. I read here that is probably not a problem. Okay. The install went okay. I then d/l'ed the 2.1.1 zip file, unzipped and then ftp'ed all the files to the server... blowing the installation. (I didn't read all the upgrade docs first, my bad). So, I deleted everything and started a fresh 1.5.3 install and after editing the db.ini file as required, it is back up and running again.

The upgrade docs are a bit confusing to me and I don't want to blow this installation. Anyone have some tips or steps for this 2.1.1 upgrade? Do I need to upgrade my database?

I haven't started adding content yet, so the Omeka app is empty, so not concerned with backing up data. I'm upgrading as once I get a stable app, I probably won't upgrade for years, so want to start with the most current version possible...

Unfortunately, Dreamhost has been terrible in not offering customers the upgraded versions that we have sent to them.

But, since you do not have any content or any themes, you should just ditch the 1.5.3 files, but be sure to copy and save the db.ini. Then unzip and upload a brand new 2.1.1 installation where your current 1.5.3 version resides.

Then, copy over your current db.ini file to the new installation. And follow the directions for installation from step 4 on:

Thanks. So it looks like I needed to do the 1.5.3 install in order for DH to create the database. I'll give it a whirl on a test domain.

Okay installed the 2.1.1 files w/corrected db.ini file and I get
syntax error, unexpected '=' in /home/durrrell9/ on line 15

Suggestions, help?

Okay, I got it! This 2.1.1 install has the same "fileinfo" module not loaded, but apparently I can live with that.