.net style multi omeka installation


Is there an easy setting within the omeka installation download to achieve the omeka.net style multi user installation?

We would like to install and use this software locally with researchers and students, but with a centralised server and storage component.

There's no switch in the Omeka download to turn it into something like Omeka.net: Omeka.net is basically a totally separate application built on top of the regular Omeka.

Omeka S, which is in development, is intended to offer some "shared installation" features, but it's not ready for release and will have some significant changes from the current Omeka.

Depending on what you're looking for, storage can be "centralized" with the regular Omeka by using something like the Amazon S3 storage adapter, though.

Thanks for the reply John. That's exactly why I want it - I have a shared storage platform and want to offer easy installs to non admins, but hosted locally.

Can wait for Omeka S - happy to help with beta testing if needed.


What is the timeline/roadmap for Omeka S?

Timeline is a bit uncertain right now, as we're deep in discovering new and interesting things in the development process. End of the year is probably a reasonable guess, though.