NeatlineTime Plugin versions: Github vs

Hi folks,

I have a question about the differences between the NeatlineTime files hosted on github and on

The reason I ask is that the css file for the NeatlineTime plugin on github is newer and works a little better for my site.

The newer css sheet from github produces this layout.

While the older css file downloaded in the plugin produces this result.

There are obviously issues updating plugins but are there any other possible problems swopping in the newer css file?

Hi padraic,

You should be OK with this. What I would do is move the stylesheet on the server and then plop the new style in.

$ cd path/to/omeka/plugins/NeatlineTime/views/shared/
$ mv neatlinetime-timeline.css neatlinetime-timeline.css.bak
$ curl -O


Thanks for that Wayne.

No issues at all, padraic. The newer style sheet is part of a bug fix that we'll release with the next version, but I've just not wrapped that up yet. As Wayne already suggested, feel free to use the newer style sheet.