NeatlineTime not displaying on public site

I have installed NeatlineTime and created a timeline, which I can view on the admin interface. But it is not displaying on the public site. I can see the page on which the timeline should be, and it shows the timeline's title and description, but not the actual timeline.

Sounds like you might have a JavaScript error. Can you provide a link to where your timeline should be displayed? That would make it much easier for me to figure out what the problem might be.

Hi Jeremy,

The timeline should display on this page:

Looks like you're using a modified version of Easy Colour, correct? It appears that your theme is missing functions to display CSS and JavaScripts that have been added to the respective queues for these assets. If you're using Omeka 1.5, we can correct this. If not, you should upgrade to 1.5 if possible, since our Neatline plugins only work with 1.5 or later.

If you edit your theme's common/header.php file, try adding the following to easy-colour/common/header.php, right below the call to plugin_header():

<?php echo display_css(); ?>
<?php echo display_js(); ?>

The other thing I would do is remove lines 18 and 19, where echo js('default') is called, assuming you have the same file as in the Easy Colour theme. display_js() now takes care of loading the default JavaScripts, so you don't need to include echo js('default').

That did it.

Thanks, Jeremy!