Neatline/Simile: Styling (color) for Points disappears upon scrolling


We've identified a strange phenomenon with a Neatline/Simile (v.2.2.1/2.0.1) exhibit and I'm hoping someone can help.

We have created a timeline-primary exhibit (we resized the timeline div and made it more promient--this particular exhibit did not require mapping) and have populated it with 150 records. I have successfully used the tagging/stylesheet feature to assign colors to six different categories of entries, both points and spans.

However, when viewing the exhibit (in any of the screens: admin, fullscreen, or regular public), if you scroll in either direction, after approximately 20 years (the timeline is divided by year), all color styling *for the points only* disappears and reverts to dark gray (the span coloring remains intact). This happens whether or not I am logged in, whether or not the exhibit is set to 'public', and on Firefox (mac and pc), Chrome (mac and pc), and Safari. [As this happens, all years are simultaneously 'selected' (i.e., they are highlighted in blue) as if they were clicked-and-dragged somehow, but they haven't been. Upon scrolling to some mystery point, the years are all simultaneously selected and all of the point span coloring disappears.] This happens with click-and-drag mouse scrolling and non-click trackpad scrolling.

I tested this with styling added "manually" vs. via stylesheet and had the same results.

We also tested this on another, older instance of Neatline/Simile (2.0.4/2.0.0), on a totally different Omeka instance, and had the exact same experience, so I'm confident that it's not due to the alterations we made to that one unusual mapless Neatline exhibit.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi JenB,

This is very odd; do you have a link you can share?