NeatlineSimile: Default Date doesn't work

when I set the default date for NeatlineSimile, the timeline is not centered on the default date I set when I view in Public view. It's only correct in admin view. How can I fix that?

That's a bug that was recently fixed. If you'll update Neatline SIMILE to 2.0.2, and let us know if that fixes it, I'd appreciate it.


The release notes for the update state that the fix is for Full Screen mode. I applied the update anyway and it's still not working

I just noticed something strange. If I open my exhibit for the first time the timeline is not centered but if I refresh the page right after I open it the timeline re-centers itself.

The link I have for your exhibit is for fullscreen mode, so I assumed that's what you were referring to.

What is the default date for the exhibit?

1000BC (-0001000)

Any fix to this yet?

I am using Neatline 2.5.1 and Neatline Simile widget 2.0.4 and I am seeing this behavior. The Neatline loads and is not on the default. I refresh the screen and it is on the default date. This occurs in both public and fullscreen and on the admin side as well.