NeatlineSimile customization

Is there a way to make the NeatlineSimile to have all the options that the original Simile timeline has? Like here:

What do you mean by "all the options"? What are you trying to do specifically?

Specifically, have multiple bands.

Also, I really really wish there was a way (and I am not saying that Simile itself does that) to link multiple items to one event on the timeline, so when I click on that event on the timeline, the items that are linked to that event become visible on the map (using before and after dates for this purpose is not ideal) or when you click on the event on the timeline the items that belong to that event get turned on on the timeline itself.

About multiple bands, this would take forking the Neatline SIMILE widget. Adding the band to SIMILE isn't itself difficult, but figuring out how to tell Neatline which band to put items in would be complicated.

How do you see the multiple-items-per-event working? Since Neatline doesn't display more than one item at a time, I'm not sure what this would look like.

Re: multiple-items-per-event
Here is an example I'm working on. On the timeline I have time periods:
-3600BCE to 500CE Ancient history.
500CE - 1500CE Postclassical era.

There might be several items belonging to a given time period. I can't display all the items on the timeline because there are too many items and it would clutter the timeline.
If I could group items to belong to one of the time periods, I thought I could just display those items that belong to that time period when one clicks on the time period in the timeline or maybe display just those items on the map. Does that make sense?

Would using "After Date" and "Before Date" (as described on Editing Record Dates) help with this.

I might have one item that represents the entire time period. It would show on the timeline as a band covering the entire period, and it would always be visible. The other items would be set to appear or disappear depending on whether the timeline is centered on the period they're associated with.

Using "After Date" and "Before Date" is not really what I am looking for because some items will be hidden when the page opens depending on the default timeline position.