Neatline/Mapping Error

Posted this under a different title a few days ago, got no response, as I figured I probably wasn't very clear.

Basically, I'm following along the steps in this tutorial:

However, if you look at this image:

you see a wms (web map services) tab. My install of Neatline/Omeka doesn't have that, and thus I can't keep following through with the tutorial. Was there something I missed in my install of Neatline/Omeka? Is there something else I'm missing here? Is there a workaround?

My project is essentially dead, as I need to use historical maps, and I can't get past this step. Any help would be really, really appreciated.


I think you're looking at outdated documentation. Take a look at

Take a look at that (and for the most-up-to-date documentation) and let us know if you have questions.


Thanks! That seems to clear it up pretty straightforwardly.