Neatline/CKEditor/Absolute Path to Images


I have several images I want to include in the body of my Neatline records. These are all saved on the same server as my Omeka/Neatline instance, at ~/public_html/images

In the Neatline editor, I fire up CKEditor and edit the HTML to point to the image I want to display. In the WYSIWYG, I give the absolute path /home/me/public_html/images/image1.jpg in the URL field. Doesn't work. I open up the raw html, and feed in <img src="what/I/typed/above"></img> and still get nothing.

Am I missing something about how Omeka/Neatline handles images in this way? Do I need to move this into a folder within Omeka's own directory?


Neatline uses the web path, not the file path. So you'll need something along the lines of

<img src="" />