Neatline Waypoints doesn't work on Mobile?

I have Waypoints installed on a set of Neatlines created by students, and I've just discovered that Waypoints seems to have messed up the mobile display of the maps. So, with Waypoints installed, I can no long zoom in or out of the map, and clicking on the waypoints only opens the onhover effect, without any possibility of open the onclick box. I'm honestly not even sure where to look to troubleshoot this. Neatline on ipads has worked well for me in the past, so I'm assuming it has only to do with waypoints.

Here are the sites that we find don't work on mobile:

Hi lallen,

This is unfortunately a current limitation in the underlying javascript library we use for rendering maps in Neatline (OpenLayers). The OpenLayers project is currently nearing the end of development on their next version ( which should allow us to better address this issue.