Neatline timeline date display customization and localization

Trying to localize the Neatline Time plugin for Polish language, I found that the month names and the item date displayed in a bubble cannot be localized.

I'd like to display names of months in Polish and dates in the item bubble like
in stead of
'Thu, 26 Nov 2015 22:10:00 GMT'.

I have 'pl' subdirectory in the 'views/shared/javascripts/simile/timeline-api/scripts/l10n' location with the proper locale files.
I also tried to force the plugin to use internal JS and added forceLocale=pl parameter to the timeline-api.js script initialization line but this made the script stop to work (no timeline was displayed).

There is also another problem.
One of my items has the string '1932-01-23' in the Date field. On the timeline bubble it is displayed as:
'Fri, 22 Jan 1932 23:00:00 GMT'

This looks strange for me because in fact the date should be 23'rd of January.

Can anybody help to solve this?

Hi miniol, if you are still interested in localizing NeatlineTime for Polish, please create an issue on the Github repository:

We're currently actively working on a release for NeatlineTime and may be able to address this either for this release or for a following release.

As to the specific date issue, I was able to recreate the issue locally. The json being passed to the Simile timeline is correct, which means that the Simile library might be responsible for incorrectly encoding the date. I was able to get the right date to display in the bubble (Sat, 23 Jan 1932 00:00:00 GMT) by setting a time on the Date - 1932-01-23T01:00:00.


Yes, I'm still interested in this.
I've just created the issue on the Github.
Thanks for the information.