Neatline Timeline customization

We've done a quite intresting project in Italy to map the frontline of WWI.
High school students made the bigger part of the work but now I'm working to made the map visually a little better.
So I'd like to be able to "compress" lot of years on the timeline to basically have all the "1914-1918" interval and than today, the centenary years "2014-2018" without having to scroll 100 years to get there.
May i do that? How?

Here the website of our project, if you're interested:

Daniele Agostini
Geolocating the Great War Project associate
University of Padua

Hi Daniele,

Sorry I'm just getting back to you.

There's currently no way to do exactly what you're looking for.

You do have one option, although it's not really what you've described.

  1. When editing the Neatline exhibit, in the editing pane on the left, after the tabs for "Records" and "Styles," there's one for "Plugins." It has an option for "SIMILE Timeline."
  2. From there you can change the "Interval Unit" for the timeline.

Of course, this doesn't allow you to have more detailed sections of the timeline: everything would be at the compressed scale.

All that said, that would definitely be a useful feature. Feel free to write an issue describing it, and we'll see about possibly adding it for a future release. I think it would be fairly simple to allow you to add another band to the timeline for navigating larger timespans. It would be set for a larger unit. But the current band would still be there for a more detailed view.

Nice site, too! I think you're using almost every feature of Neatline very effectively. :)


Nice site Daniele
Out of curiosity, is there a reason why it took about 3min for the historical map to show up?

Thank you very much Eric, excuse me for the delay, i was away.
Yes, I knew the possibilty to set the interval unit but is important to clearly see the 1914-1918 interval.
I'll open the issue.
Thank you again.

Thank you tersier,
actually I have no idea, it's a problem I noticed but I think maybe it's related with server's bandwidth. Or maybe it would change with a better GeoTIFF compression?


Most of the time lag like that comes from slower servers. I wouldn't worry about it too much if it suites your needs, but if you get to the point where you need (or want) to tune the JVM, you can make it work a little better. See for more info...