Neatline Time: Search for items not working

We have the Neatline Time 2.0.3 with Omeka 2.0.1 and trying to search for items.
Neatline Time -> Edit Item Query -> make the selections -> Click 'Search for Items'

At that point it simply returns to the Browse Timelines page rather than displaying the results.

Does anyone else have the same issue?

Hi Dhanu,

This sounds like a bug in NeatlineTime. Could you submit this as an issue ( so we can get a fix?



This is actually the default behavior, so this redirect isn't necessarily a bug. That said, it's not very intuitive. When you submit that form, what happens is NeatlineTime saves that query to the timeline record itself. Then, when you visit that individual record in your Omeka archive, it uses that item query to display results on the timeline.

If you visit your timeline and don't see the items you expect (ones that match your query and also have valid data in their Date fields), then that's a problem we should address. If we're talking about just the redirect back to the browse timeliens page, then that's poor UX design on my part. This could redirect back to the individual timeline record where the user could see the query she saved to the timeline, and also see what items are displayed on the timeline.

Thanks for the explanation.