Neatline Time: items not appearing

We have installed Neatline Time (v 2.0.3) and we have worked successfully for most of the items in our first collection. While trying to add new items, we noticed that they don't appear on the timeline. The items are in the collection; one can browse and see them, but not visible on the timeline. We have made some changes in the CSS, but they don't seem to affect the 'old' records, so we would rule out this kind of reasons. The date format is the right one (cross-checked).

Any ideas?

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Hi Giannis,

Sorry you're having trouble with this! If possible, could you provide a link to your timeline? And links to the items that should be appearing on the timeline? That could help me debug this issue.

Are you also having this problem with all timelines, or with one specific timeline?

Hi Jeremy

there is only one timeline, that can be found here:

A few of the non-appearing items are:

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the links. Yeah, this is odd, because those items are being included in the JSON output SIMILE needs to display things on the timeline. See

I've saved that JSON output locally and will see if I can replicate the issue to debug. Let me look into it some more, and I'll get back to you if I come up with anything.

Thanks Jeremy for looking into this. We really appreciate it.


I discovered that configuring NeatlineTime plugin to use the dc:date element didn't work but telling it to look at a different element (for example, Date Valid) worked. I haven't tried to dig into why it apparently can't use the dc:date element.

Hi dcplumer,

I haven't had that experience: so far dc:date has worked for me. Have you had a chance dig into this any? I assume there's no difference in how the dates are encoded between the two fields.

And just to make sure I'm on the same page, what does "didn't work" mean exactly?



By "didn't work" I mean that I entered a date in Dublin Core:Date (form mm-dd-yyyy) for a series of records, checked NeatlineTime to see that it thought it was looking at the Dublin Core:Date field, checked the timeline, and saw that nothing was appearing.

I then told NeatlineTime to check another field (Dublin Core:Temporal) in which I'd entered the normalized dates (yyyy-mm-dd) and saw that those results appeared on the timeline.

I first thought that the problem was the normalization, but I changed the entries in Dublin Core:Date to yyyy-mm-dd, changed the NeatlineTime setting, and still got no results.

At that point I said never mind, since my plan was always to have a date for display (non-normalized) and a normalized date for other things. Since I have things (sort of) working, I didn't want to spend a lot more time on it.

I don't remember which other plugins I had installed at that point, but I don't think it was a huge set.

Other people have reported to me that NeatlineTime wasn't working, but no one else has yet told me whether my trick worked or didn't work for them.


dcplumer I think you're running in to an issue with recent changes in how browsers interpret dates (and a major headache to try to solve programmatically). Browsers implement dates as ISO 8601 using YYYY-MM-DD format, or at least it seems that every browser but Chrome falls back to this parsing by default. There are other issues that more modern browsers are starting to have with the nearly decade old SIMELE Timeline library as well, but we've not been able to fully dive in to debugging these issues, but I suspect your issues with items not displaying properly are due to a relatively recent change in how browsers parse the dates.

Dear all

we tried Danielle's proposed solution, but it wasn't successful.

The point with the changes in browsers' date parsing is somehow valid, but doesn't explain why there are some dates appearing and some other not.

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Giannis, browser caching is crazy these days. Try your experiment in incognito mode. It'll be worth filing a bug regardless though.


It seems you need to input the date as: YYYY-MM-DD

Hi nlemay

yes, that has been already tried. It has worked up to a point, but since then it doesn't. So the question is what makes this inconsistent behaviour.

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