Neatline Time display results

Does Neatline Time only display the results of a query? I want it to show the materials with date information for all the objects in my archive, but despite formatting my date field according to the Neatline Time specifications I am only getting one or two random objects.

Right now it does only display the results of a specific query. For what you want to do, the easiest thing would be to create a timeline and set the query to return all items that are public. That should retrieve all your items that are public that also have information in the Date field you've designated.

Okay, that helps partly (although I think that perhaps having it default to all objects rather than none is better, it makes more sense then that the query is filtering the larger corpus).

No it is only responding to dates with Month, Day Year while the Neatline Time website said that years alone and coverages using a "/" would work.

Apologies, we've not updated the docs on our site, but did in the README for the plugin. Turns out there was a bug with displaying only years, and we couldn't figure out a way to correctly parse year-only dates, so we require at least a year-month-day date. If you want to do a full year, you would need a start and end date for the entire year, e.g. 1950-01-01/1950-12-31

I've updated the docs to reflect this requirement. Sorry again for not updating them when we made the change.