Neatline SVG import

I have an svg file exported out of Gephi that I'd like to bring into Neatline. The SVG file is available here and a view of it drawn as an Omeka item is here (the edges are cut off in Omeka, but it won't be an Omeka item in the final version, I just put it up to see if the SVG would draw in Omeka).

The issue is, when the SVG is parsed in Neatline, it's stripped of all color and weight information, so it comes out as the right shape, but just a bundle of black lines. It also appears to be drawing as each line a separate shape; ie, when I go to resize or move the object, each connecting edge has to be moved independently of the others.

So: is this an issue on the Gephi side or the Neatline side, and is there anything to be done about it? I'm running Omeka 2.2.2 and Neatline 2.3.0 with Features, Timeline and Waypoints.

Unfortunately this isn't going to work the way you want it to. Because of the way the spatial libraries work we have to take the SVG and convert it to a spatial format (WKT). In your case, this means that fields that are not present in WKT (anything other than the actual shape) is ignored. This feature is really aimed at allowing you to create symbology on the map rather than draw complicated layers.

One work around might be to filter your SVG file by color and add each of those independently. You can then change the color with the color picker. You could also use the original SVG as a template a retrace in Neatline. I know both are less than optimal for how you're trying to use the tool, but would achieve the same effect.