Neatline Spatial Layers Problems


We're having issues with certain spatial layers in Neatline which have stopped working. In particular, GoogleStreet, Hybrid and Satellite. They had worked previously, but I had to switch over to openstreetmap as it is functioning.

Zooming breaks very quickly and the points and lines of the map don't update properly as you change map views. This doesn't occur with openstreetmap. Right now the layer is satellite.

Any ideas on how to resolve would be greatly appreciated!


Hi djwindsor,

Unfortunately there is an issue between the version of OpenLayers we are using and the current version of the Google Maps API that causes several Google Layers to not appear. We are looking at a couple of solutions, but don't currently have a timeline on when we'll be able to implement them. In the meantime, we're generally suggesting using alternate map layers (such as OpenStreetMap) or adding in custom map layers other than those of Google.