Neatline Simile Timeline show Hour and Day

I am working on a timeline for an event that occurred over about 5 days. The descriptions will be detailed down to the hour (the basic "interval unit" I have chosen), but I would also like viewers to have a good sense of what day/date they are looking at as well. Is there a way to make hours the basic unit of the timeline while also displaying the specific day and date above? The only solution I have come up with is to create a record for the beginning of each day.

There's no way in Nealtine to add an extra band to the SIMILE widget.

Having a record at the beginning of each day is one way to handle it. Having a record whose time span is the entire day might also work. Either of those would also give your users another way to navigate the exhibit, bookmark or jump to a single day, and that sort of thing.

Sorry there's not a more natural way of handling it, though.

Thanks. The solution I ended up with is adding a record each day to signal the date and day of the week.