Neatline: SIMILE Timeline problems


I just started a Neatline 2 exhibit and have a problem with the SIMILE-Timeline plugin. It´s activated and visible in the exhibit and I already added some dates to my records. If I click on the record the timeline centers on the right date, but no title is shown in the timeline, it remains empty. Could somebody help me with this problem?



I figured out how to do it. So if somebody else will face this problem:

In the record you have to go to the styles and click on the plugin which you want to use. After saving it, everything was displayed in the timeline.

I found the solution here:



@klopsos Any change you can post a screenshot of this from your admin view? I selected the plugin in styles, have dates assigned (my queries appear to be working), but my events don't display.

Sorry it took me some time to answer. I made you a brief screencast how I made the timeline displaying the entries.