Neatline Simile Pop-Up Window Fails to Appear

I'm experiencing what I think is a strange bug. Here's what seems normal: When I click on a record on the timeline, a popup window appears with the title and body for that record. If I close that window, I can click on another record on the timeline to see the title and body for that record.

Herein lies the problem: If I do not close the original window before clicking another timeline record, the original window disappears but no other windows will appear. The only solution seems to be reloading the page. In other words, the first window opens but after that no more will open.

I can provide a link to the site through email or other means, but the project is not public yet.

My first guess is that there's some kind of invalid HTML in one of the records. Could you email us a link at


Thanks. Email sent. I removed all the HTML from the records (other than the paragraph tags which seem to be automatically generated). The issue seems to happen regardless of which exhibit (and hence records) are used.