Neatline: problem with building exhibition on static image

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to build an exhibition on a static image in Neatline. I have added the image as an Omeka item, I can see it in Neatline, and I've added my first record. But when I select the record, I can't create a point or line for it on the image.

When I use one of the built-in Google maps, it works just fine, so it must have something to do with the static image, I guess.

Can someone help me?


Hi Marianne,

Hmm, that's odd - when you try to draw a point/line on the static image, what exactly happens? Are you able to click on the little geometry buttons at the top left of the map? Or is it that nothing shows up when you start clicking on the image?

Also, have you changed any of the default styling settings for the exhibit? For example, if the default shape/line opacity settings or the line thickness setting were defaulted to 0, new geometry could be invisible on the map. One time I was trying to draw a line on the map and nothing was happening, but it turned out that I had set the default line thickness to 0.

If still no luck - what browser are you using?

All best,