Neatline not working

I have Omeka 1.5 and have installed Neatline 1.1.3 in my plugins directory. When I go to the Neatline tab and then Create an Exhibit all I see is a blank webpage. I am not sure where I went wrong. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Wild guess but if you go to Settings >> Plugins and look at the Neatline plugin, does it prompt you to update (as it would do if you had recently replaced an older version of the plugin)?

Thanks for the suggestion, but no. The only options for that plugin under Settings are Deactivate and Uninstall.

Hi skshowers,

Hmm, odd, not sure what could be happening there. Are you seeing a completely blank (white) page, or do you see any kind of error output, etc.? When you get the error, try right clicking on the page and clicking on "View Source." Do you see any HTML output there?


Hi David,
It's a completely blank page. When I view source there is no HTML output either. Any ideas?


Hey Shannon,

That's strange, sounds like some kind of configuration problem, or an issue with how the plugin is installed. Just a hunch - any chance you have multiple copies of the Neatline in the /plugins directory? Eg, something like Neatline and Neatline 2?

Either way, I'd try this:

1. Uninstall Neatline through the Omeka "Plugins" interface.
2. Completely delete the Neatline folder from the the /plugins directory.
3. Re-download a fresh version of Neatline 1.1.3, drop it back in /plugins, and reinstall the plugin via Omeka.

Also - any possibility you could upgrade Omeka to 2.x? That would make it possible to install the current, 2.x version of Neatline.


Hi David,
I'll go through uninstalling the plugin and see if that helps. We have plans to upgrade Omeka over the winter break, so hopefully that'll help with some of these idiosyncrasies. Thanks!