Neatline newbie - Google maps don't display

Please forgive a beginner question --

I have Neatline 2.3.0 installed, and running Omeka 2.2.2

I am teaching with Omeka in my current class.
For now, I am just trying to get a basic sample Neatline exhibit up and running so I can attach our items to specific locations, and set up a class project.

When I create a new Neatline exhibit, I select all three widgets, I enable layers for Google Streets, Satellite and Hybrid, and choose Satellite as the default.

I pretty much leave the other settings as is.

When I view the exhibit I've just set up, I see the map interface (ie zoom buttons, an empty timeline at the bottom, etc) but no map features at all - no pink tiles, no images at all, just blank white page where the map should be.

Am I missing a step or setting?
I realize this may be pretty basic, but can't move on to next steps without it!
Thanks for any ideas...

Also have the plug-ins installed:
Neatline Features
Neatline Time
Neatline Widgets (Text, SIMILE, and Waypoints)

Hi Em2373,

Do you have a public URL? This is quite curious.