Neatline: Narrative Widget


The overview of creating exhibits with Neatline mentions a Narrative widget that lets you put hyperlinks in block of text, which will activate neatline records. I see examples narratives on the demos page, but I can't seem to locate the widget in the main Neatline plugin or in any other plugins. Has the Narrative widget been carried over to version 2?


Hi Tom,

Yeah, the narrative widget (renamed to NeatlineText for 2.0) hasn't ever been publicly released, but this is really high on my list of priorities for the next couple weeks! We're actually working on a couple of in-house projects that are using the plugin, and we just need to finish up the documentation and cut off a production release of the code (which, in an unsupported capacity, can be found here:

Alongside NeatlineText, I'll also release a theme that's specifically designed around exhibits associated with long-format text content. Watch for this soon!