Neatline: Modify Bubble Format


What files control the ordering of elements in the Presenter bubble for records in Neatline. Right now, I am trying to alter the bubbles for items that are pulled from my Omeka repository. I would like the image to be displayed at the top of the page.


Hey Paul,

Best way to do this is to override the default item.php template in the Neatline core with a custom template in the theme - this way, next time Neatline gets a new release, you won't have to remember to re-apply your changes after applying the update.

There's actually quite a bit of flexibility here:

1. To change the default layout, add a new template in the theme at THEME_DIR/neatline/exhibits/item.php. (Maybe easiest to get started by just copying the default template - - and working from that.)

2. Alternatively, you can also provide exhibit- and tag-specific item templates. For example, say you have an exhibit with a "URL Slug" of "testing-exhibit". You could create a directory at THEME_DIR/neatline/exhibits/themes/testing-exhibit, and put an item.php file in that directory. Then, Neatline would use that file _just for that individual exhibit_, and nowhere else. You can also write separate templates for individual tag. For example, say you had two records, one tagged with tag1 and the other with tag2. In the testing-exhibit directory, you could create two templates - item-tag1.php and item-tag2.php, and Neatline will automatically apply the tag-specific template to each of the records in lieu of any of the generic item.php templates (either in the exhibit theme, or the site theme, or the top-level template in Neatline).

Either way, once you've added a new template(s), be sure to re-run the item import for the exhibit you're working with (this causes Neatline to re-compile the content for all the records, the same thing that happens when you save an individual Omeka Item / Neatline record).

Let me know how it goes!