Neatline: Map zoom out extend

Is there a way to control the Neatline exibit so one does not zoom out beyond the extend of the exhibit?

Does anyone have any ideas on this? We're trying to do the same thing for our maps (especially for one which uses "fake" georectification and therefore nowhere near the actual locations on the map), but haven't found a solution. We can obviously make our custom backgrounds/information disappear after a certain zoom level, but that seems only to confuse the user.

Right now there's not a setting available to set the minimum zoom. To control this right now you would need to edit the source code to manually override the minZoom setting for OpenLayers.


How would one go about manually overriding the minZoom setting for Open Layers?

This actually may be a little more difficult after looking at the OpenLayer 2 API; basically you would need to calculate the minimum extant for the view and pass that to OpenLayers (see

I will caution that this really hasn't been an issue as the browser history, waypoints, and timeline, do a good job getting users back to the data should they wander off a lot.