Neatline: landing on same place

We are using a static image for the base layer. When I go to add a record, etc. to my Neatline exhibit, I always have to zoom in to the image before I can do that --- it actually doesn't even show up in the screen, so it looks like there is no image. To test anything I've added, I click on the object, get the image and click on the high res. This is all fine. But clicking on the back arrow after viewing the high res image once again takes me to what looks like a blank page and I have to zoom in to get the image again. This also happens when testing the public view. How can I get the same view to load so I (or a viewer) can get to everything?

On the screen you add records to, have you clicked on the "Styles" tab and set the map focus and zoom level? This controls the initial zoom for static images too and should keep you from needing to zoom as much on every record.


Thank you, Wayne, that did the trick.