Neatline image layer not loading

I'm new to Omeka and Neatline, so I hope this is an easy fix. I'm trying to add a base layer as an image in a Neatline exhibit. I've grabbed the URL from Omeka. It is marked "public."

But, the image does not appear in the editor. I've tried other images are other URLs and they work fine. I could just upload the image to another spot on the web and make that work, but I thought I'd see if there was another fix. Thanks!

Adam, have you tried exporting the PDF as an image, uploading it to your files folder and grabbing the URL from there? It may not be displaying as a base layer due to the file format.

Thank you, NancyAnn! Yep, that was it. I changed the image to a JPEG and it did the trick. Thanks so much!

It's always nice when something is an easy fix!