Neatline "hard links" and Similie

In the release documentation for Neatline 2.3, there's mention of a new "hard link" capability. I've had success linking to a particular record in a Neatline exhibit, but I'm not seeing the Simile timeline scrolling, as the Scholar's Lab release announcement ( indicates it should.

For example, if I have a record that has a set of after/before dates set as 1900 and 1999, when I link to the record using the #records/recordnumber URL, the map's zoom and focus is adjusted correctly, but the exhibit loads at the default date (2015), meaning that this record isn't visible on the map. Is this a bug, or did I misunderstand the way that this function works?

Hi ams,

I think this is a bug as this should work. I know it's a bit of a pain, but could you submit this at If there's a public address that we can see the behavior that would help us figure out what's going on too.


Hi Wayne,

Will do.