Neatline-geolocation data


Does the Neatline plugin pull geolocation data associated with Omeka items?

It seems to pull all other data, but I expected it would import the geolocation data too. When I import Omeka items, they do no automatically populate the Neatline exhibit map.

Do I have to re-plot all Omeka items I import to Neatline on the Neatline map interface?

Seems like that should be done automatically and the two plugins should nicely communicate with one another.


In particular, it seems that inside Neatline, when editing an item, Text and Temporal auto-populate with Omeka item metadata, but Spatial is blank. Which leads me to believe I have to re-geolocate each item I import.

Any thoughts?

I've been fishing around and a quick search on the Github lead to:

My question came up and the devs said it was a google proprietary thing. One suggested there was a work around through Coverage, which makes me think I haven't been using that metadata correctly or fully yet.

Edit: Ok, I've followed the suggested format in Coverage, and I think now that NeatlineFeatures is installed, Coverage has a map function; I re-plotted the omeka item, it looks like the map in Neatline, and when I reloaded my test exhibit in Neatline, the Omeka item was plotted, and in the edit tab, Spatial had the information.

Only thing I have noticed is on the public site, the item shows the coverage map, but has this odd textbox over the map, "Map Data Imagery @2013, Bluesky, Digital Globe, Sanborn." It blocks nearly the entire coverage map.

Is there a way to prevent this from showing up by default?

For what I am doing, I think I need to add NeatlineFeature Coverage map and geolocation for each item.

Should be solved in the next version. See

Hi tamiel,

Thanks for reply.

Hello all,

Its been a while since this question was asked but I'm wondering if we can bring in geolocation information directly from the Omeka records into a Waypoint in Neatline?



Hi Nancy,

This was fixed in Neatline may need to upgrade the plugin, but it should work now.


HI Wayne,

Thanks for the info. I have version 2.4.0 so I should be able to do this. Maybe I'm missing how it should be done. Do you have any tips?


What version of neatline features are you using?

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Do you want to know which other Neatline plugins I'm using?

I have just re-tested here on Neatline 2.4. You can do two things on Coverage:
1. Write down the text format of the location ("GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(POINT(-5238700.2255714 -2620637.2707878))"
2. Or you can actually use the Geolocation plugin to select a point/section on the map.
Either way, when you import it into Neatline the data is there and it shows up.

Thanks for the information. For some reason the geolocation plugin point on the map did not map over to NeatLine. I need to redo that step which is frustrating.