Neatline Exhibit completely down?


All of a sudden, our Neatline exhibit crashed. We can click on the link, or click on edit (it still appears in our Omeka site) but it just leads us to a blank page--occasionally the navigation headers appear, but nothing else.

Is this something in our Omeka instance, or is the plug-in crashing on the other end?

Can you get to other pages in your Omeka installation? Like your items/browse or the home page?

Also, were you editing anything in your themes or plugins? Blank pages are occasionally the result of some kind of syntax error in PHP. You can turn on error messages to see if that gives you more information.

Hi Astalab,

A couple other questions, following up on what Jeremy asked:

- You said the exhibit still appears in the public Omeka site - is it working correctly there? Is all the data getting populated?

- When the headers appear, do you mean the purple top bar in the Neatline editor ("Item Setttings," "Map Settings," "Timeline Settings," etc.)? Is the record editing pane on the left visible?

- Are there any Javascript errors when you try to open the Neatline Editor? (If you're using Chrome, right click anywhere on the page, click "Inspect Element," and then click on the "Console" tab on the far right; errors will be listed in red).

Also, if you get a chance, try this - open the Neatline Editor, and, if you're just seeing a white page, let it sit for a minute or so before clicking stop or back. Does the page eventually load? There's a known issue with an API call to a third-party service that occasionally hangs (this is getting fixed in the upcoming release), and I want to make sure that's not the problem you're having.


Thanks--you're right, our IT guy was making changes to some themes and plugins. He changed some things back and now Neatline is working again. Thanks for responding!

Hi David,

It's resolved now, but I'm happy to answer your questions!

1. The Neatline exhibit is a link within a regular Omeka exhibit page. All other Omeka exhibit were working correctly, but the link to the Neatline exhibit wasn't working.

2. When we clicked on it, we would either get to a black white screen, or occasionally, the header would load (just the Item Settings, Map Settings, Timeline settings, but not the record editing pane).

3. I didn't check for Javascript errors

4. While Neatline is now working, I definitely have had problems over the past few months with slow or incomplete loading. Eventually it will load on its own or after a few new tries at reopening it.