Neatline examples


I'm looking for examples of Neatline implementations, aside from those already featured on the Neatline demos page. If others have used Neatline, particularly with timeline in addition to maps, I'd be interested in checking out your site.



Hi Ann!

Here are two quick examples:

The first, "Mapping the Catalog of Ships," is a project built by three classicists at UVa (Jenny Strauss Clay, Ben Jasnow, and Courney Evans) that maps out the locations mentioned in the list of ships with sailed with the Greek army in Book 2 of the Iliad.

The second is a collection of exhibits built by undergraduates in a course called "Hajj with Ibn Jubayr: Reconstructing the 12th Century Mediterranean," taught by Lisa Reilly in the UVa architecture school.

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One questions about neatline with historical maps..
I see the document Using Neatline with historical maps :: Part 1 – Georeferencing

and you talk about ArcMap..."the entire process of rectifying a historical map using ArcMap, post-processing the image, uploading it to Geoserver, and importing the final web map service into a Neatline exhibit."

What you recommend for use in Ubuntu? What program, because ArcMap is not free!